December 07, 2016

Last minute studying: what should you do?

Have you ever forgotten to study a chapter, or left studying until the last minute? Even with little time left, you can still study strategically. Mebbie Bell with the U of A Student Success Centre shares her secrets for last minute studying. 

It’s the night before your exam. You've been studying for the past week or two, making sure you are prepared for this final. After covering the last section of your textbook, you review to ensure you have gone through everything that could be on the exam. Except! …you forgot to cover the last chapter and have only a few hours to study before bed.

We've all been there, whether we forget to study a section of the textbook or leave our studying until the day before the exam. Even with limited time to work through material, you can strategically study and commit some information to memory. You may not understand the information as well as you could, but you need to accept that any knowledge you do gain is better than none. Here are my strategies for last-minute studying that will help you get the most out of those few hours. 

Studying Strategically for Final Exams

As we gear up for finals, Mebbie Bell of the Student Success Centre shares a few tips for preparing for exams.

Do You Know Your Exams? 

Exam time in the Butterdome
With finals just around the corner, what you do really need to know about each of your exams? Many students head into their finals with just a basic sense of what to expect. As a result, they don’t study strategically, and the stress starts to build as they wonder what to expect. Here’s a quick checklist to review as you prepare for each of your exams. 

The more information you have about your exams in advance, the better prepared you can be.